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Way back in 1994 some friends and I were thinking about leaving the San Francisco Bay Area.  Our first thought was Honolulu but ultimately decided against the capital city because its just like being in the city but warmer.  We had just came back from a trip down south to San Diego, more specifically Mission Beach.  What a cool, laid back beach community.  So that was an option too.  I don't remember who came up with the idea but he had heard that Maui might be a cool place to hang out and ultimately that's where we moved to.  I've been lucky enough to call Maui home for 22 years now.

South Maui

Kihei is where I've lived all those 22 years.  What is so special about Kihei?  For me it's the beaches and sunny weather.  For most of the year temperatures hover at 80 degrees and we get cooled off with light trade winds.  Many of the beaches have soft, white sand beaches and the waves are generally flat to just big enough to have fun.  If you like golf, there are five world class golf courses on this side of the island to test your skills.  As for restaurants and shopping, Kihei is home to several of my favorite places to go out and have some great meals.  Cafe O'Lei, Nalu's, Fabiani's and Maui Thai Bistro to name a few.  As for shopping there are a few strip malls but Maricel and I usually go into Kahului for much of our purchases.  Neighborhoods in Kihei are usually broken down into North Kihei, Central Kihei and South Kihei.  North Kihei is desirable because prices are generally cheaper and is a nice mixture of condominiums and homes.  Central Kihei has more homes than condominiums.  Many of the homes in Central Kihei are some of the first built in South Maui.  South Kihei is where you will find a considerable amount of vacation rentable condominiums and newer neighborhoods.  Prices in South Kihei are generally a little more expensive, probably due to the fact that there are sidewalks, the beaches are lifeguarded, and there are many conveniences within walking distance to your residence.


Wailea is a planned community and it looks that way.  Many of the neighborhoods are gated and a majority of the condominium complexes cater to vacationers and people who call Maui a second home.  This is also where a majority of the hotels are located here in South Maui.  Name brands like The Grand Wailea, The Four Seasons, The Kea Lani, The Wailea Beach Marriott and Andaz Resort call this area of South Maui's gold coast home.  The shopping area in Wailea is geared towards the high end shopper.  The Shops at Wailea is where Tiffany's, Louis Vuitton, Tommy Bahama, Gucci and a few other luxury brands can be found.  Another great feature of Wailea is the beach path.  This is where you'll find lovers taking a nice stroll, and all ages of people getting their exercise.  The hotels even have little water stations on the path to quench your thirst.  If your bank account allows you to live the luxury lifestyle, Wailea is a good place to start.


At this point in time, Makena is in a transition stage.  It will become even more luxurious than Wailea.  Makena's only hotel will be shutting down for complete renovations in July 2016.  It will be reborn as a private playground for the world's elite citizens.  Makena is known for its stunning white and black sand beaches and stark beauty of the black lava against the greens and blues Maui has to offer.


Properties for Mom and Maricel

There are many great deals out there in South Maui in all different price ranges and locations.  Part of my job as a REALTOR is knowing where those deals are.  I will be happy share some of them with you.  But I can't give away all of my best deals in South Maui's real estate market.  If you are looking for a specific property in a neighborhood or price range, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me.  Let's see if we are a match.

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