Have a Plan…and Some Fun Too!

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Why am I posting about a child rocking out to Guns and Roses on my Maui real estate page?  Because this post falls under my blog section where it is my own crazy thoughts.  In a round about way it will relate to real estate and life in general.  When you watch this kid rock out to one of the best rock bands of the 1980’s you might be amazed at how well he does.  Look at his drum kit.  It’s made up of plastic bottles, some old bottle caps and some sticks.  I’m sure it would cost no more that a few dollars here in the United States to put together a kit like that.  (A few dollars might be even too much.)  But he does an awesome job and the joy on his face is priceless.  I’m sure he spent quite some time thinking about how he was going to put together his drum kit.  What materials to use, where to get them, which ones will make the sounds that he wants, etc..  You can also tell that he believed he could put it together.  His transitions and fills are on point and that takes practice.  I wonder how many times did he start and stop Sweet Child O’Mine to make sure he got the beat down.  And as you can see, he achieved his goal.  Having so much fun, playing a song he loves.

As I said earlier, it kind of relates to real estate and life in general.  If you want something, you must believe it can be done.  But you also have to have a plan on how you want to obtain your goal.  Once you have those two things, I’m absolutely sure that your goal can be achieved.

I hope you enjoyed this little inspiration/flashback to 1987.



Credits to Facebook, Filipino Vines, Raven Guzman and Walter De Vera

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