Get off the fence…

If you are considering purchasing your home, second home or vacation rental and the island of Maui is your desired destination, purchase sooner rather than later.  The jobs report came out today and experts say that this could mean a rise in interest rates.  As of right now many of the properties under contract are in the higher price ranges.  By higher I mean more than $1,000,000.  Of the 177 properties under contract, 41 are above that mark.  Add another ten properties to that total if you bring that mark down to $900,000.  Ocean front condominiums are another popular commodity right now too and it does not matter how much they are listed for.

Maui will always be a popular place to own property.  If you have the ability, purchase something ocean front and vacation rentable.

Click my picture below to see an article from the New York Times regarding the current jobs report.