Why Work With Us?

There are two reasons why I use the word us in the title.  For one, I’m a REALTOR with Coldwell Banker Island Properties.  We have about two hundred agents in our company with five locations across the island.  The other reason why I use the word us is, I can’t do my job properly without the support of my wife Maricel.

As a REALTOR, I’m proud to say that we have to abide by the Code of Ethics.  The code was developed a little over a hundred years ago for the purpose of organizing and developing standards of practice for real estate professionals.  For the most part it says that as a REALTOR we must treat the public, clients, customers, and fellow REALTORS with the upmost respect and fairness.  If you want to read the different articles of the code, you can do so by clicking below:

Code of Ethics

There are about 1400 agents in Maui county competing for your business.  Chances are that you know at least three other people who are also agents.  We all have access to the same MLS information.  We all have the ability to take pictures and put them into the MLS.  We all can set up showings, do open houses, and put your property online.  How do I separate myself from other agents?

I think the most important characteristic that I have is that I try to be a good listener.  Many agents think that having that sales person attitude is what consumers want and expect.  I’ve found that to be the opposite of what kind of agent I am.  I’m quiet because I’m listening for information that might give my client the upper hand.  I’ll ask the appropriate questions when needed and I will tell you straight.  I’m the type of person who tells you like it is.  I’m not much for fluff.

Another important tool in my box is the quality of my camera.  That may sound weird but remember, 90% of buyers look online before they even step foot into an open house or make an appointment.  Having a professional camera really makes my listing photographs stand out from those who don’t.  How many times have you seen the photo of the living room but it is too dark, or the picture of the bathroom with the toilet seat up?  Not only do I have the right equipment for the job, I have the eye for attention to details to properly represent your home.  I must admit that when it comes to video, that is still something I’m learning.  I may have to outsource that particular part of listing your home.

Communication is also another aspect of my professionalism that I pride myself on.  If you call me on a weekend at 6:00 p.m., I will answer my phone.  If not immediately, I will call you back in a reasonable amount of time.  Communication is the number one reason why most sellers decide to find another agent.  If the phone is not the best way to keep in touch, emails, texts, or even snail mail can be an option.  Just let me know what works best for you.

The key word in that last sentence is you.  I work for you.  You decide whether or not we are a match.  My style of business may not necessarily be what you are looking for.  That’s why there are 1400 agents on Maui.  I just want to say thank you for allowing me the opportunity to possibly become your REALTOR.