© 2017 By Ken K.K. Wong REALTOR 58204  Coldwell Banker Island Properties

Born In Aspen, Colorado

Raised in St. Albans, West Virginia

Roots in San Francisco, California

Maui'd Since 1994

I'd like to introduce Maricel and Mini.  They are the reason why I work hard to become successful.  Maricel and I got married in 2006 after about a year and a half of courtship.  I guess opposites do attract.  Maricel is gregarious while I am quiet.  Maricel is more fun and I am more serious.  Maricel loves to exercise, me not so much.  (I know I should do more).  But one thing we both have in common is we will both tell you like it is.  We both treat others as how we would like to be treated.  Mini is a rescue cat and was part of my birthday gift when I turned 40.  Just like any other cat, she wants to be petted when she wants it and wants you to leave her alone when she's done.  Lately though she's become more talkative and affectionate.  My spare time is occupied with photography and enjoying Maui.  I love the San Francisco Giants, the 49ers, and the Warriors.  If there was one movie I could watch over and over it would be Star Wars!

As for my real estate experience, I've been an agent since 2000.  The first year I was with ERA but I really didn't know what I was doing.  It was the tail end of the two page contract, carbon copies were still a mainstay of the business too.  So was a listing book.  Needless to say, I still had a job as a waiter.  I then joined my friend's mom and her company, Unique Maui Real Estate.  I did office work, sat some open houses and helped her get into the world of websites, digital photographs and into the new age of real estate.  This was all during one of the biggest boom times in Maui's real estate market.  I learned a few things at Pat's company but I needed to make a move.

Coldwell Banker Island Properties was where I needed to be.  Access to open houses was plentiful, several brokers who had sold millions of dollars worth of Maui real estate were around to ask questions.  And most of all, when I handed out my business card, people knew what I did and for an internationally recognized company.  I said it before, I'm proud to be a Coldwell Banker Island Properties real estate professional.

If life changes and you have to sell your piece of Maui, I would love to have the chance to represent you and your family in selling your home.  If you are looking for a second home, a vacation rental or a primary residence, please consider using my knowledge and expertise to help you find your piece of Maui.  Let's have a chat and see what your options are.

Thank you for taking the time to read this little biography.


Ken K.K. Wong