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Maui Real Estate: Low Inventory-Increasing List Prices

When it comes to real estate, you always hear "location, location, location". This rings true more than ever when it comes to Maui's real estate market. In regard to single family homes in there are 82 homes on market ranging in price from $399,000 to $29,800,000. The average list price for South Maui is $3,129,162 and median list price is $1,497,000. Vacant land currently has 34 lots for sale and they range from $349,000 to $10,795,000. Average list price is $2,473,430 and median list price is $1,318,840.

Because many people I meet are looking for condominiums, this breakdown is going a little more in depth.

186 Condominiums for Sale with 95 being vacation rentable and 91 being residential condominiums. To refresh your memory, residential condos can only be rented at a 6 month minimum. Of those 95 vacation rentable condos, 14 units are listed at $500,000 or less. 48 are listed at $500,000 to $1,000,000. 33 are above $1,000,000.

The residential condominium market in South Maui is similar to the vacation rental market with the exception of the market at $500,000 or below (37 units listed). 25 units are listed at $1,000,000 or above.

Check out the breakdown below...