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Maui Real Estate: April 7th

Well, its the first week of April. I'm seeing more of the same things happening. Price reductions and fewer properties going under contract. As I said last week, buyers seem to be waiting to see if prices come down along with interest rates. Sellers coming to market are starting to see the light. At least in the condominium markets as inventory is starting to get back to normal levels. With regards to single family homes, list prices are still above $1,000,000. But there are a few homes listed below that benchmark. As I write this, ten to be exact in all of Maui. The next few months should be interesting times for Maui's real estate market. The following link will bring you to this past week's activity for Maui's market:

_MRE Week Ending 0407
Download PDF • 93.97MB

If you have questions or comments, feel free to get in touch with me. Enjoy your Sunday.



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