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Maui Real Estate: March 3rd

How is this March already? Wasn't it just Christmas? Time is flying and before you know it, I will be 54. Hiya!

Buyer are out there still but they are no longer purchasing just to purchase Maui. I've written a little bit of advise for them in the actual newsletter. With regards to sellers, it is more important than ever to price properties correctly for this changing market. We now have more inventory and price reductions. Very rarely do you see properties selling for above asking price. I'm not saying it doesn't happen as there is evidence with a few sales in South Maui in the "lower" price points (condominiums). As for single family homes inventory is still low. It should be interesting how that market plays out as high season ends and remember, summer is just around the corner.

Here's how Maui's real estate market performed this past week:

MRE Week Ending 0303
Download PDF • 28.59MB

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Should you have questions about a specific property, neighborhood or area my contact information is.....

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