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Maui Real Estate Statistics

Before we get into the statistics, I came across this article from the Maui News.

It's really nice to see that the banyan tree is making a recovery. I just hope Lahaina can recover in the same fashion. Real progress can only be made with the help of the residents of Lahaina, politicians and the federal government. Read about Lahaina's most famous resident here: Maui News Article.

My experience with Maui's real estate market started off with a flurry of activity this past week. Showings with my clients weren't as plentiful as last week but calls for showings on Maui Banyan H412 increased. Open houses have been busy. Mostly with our friends from the land of hockey and maple syrup. I don't know if they are in the buying mood as their dollar is down by 30% compared to the American dollar. Deals are being made though. Here's the latest statics for the past week:

MRE Week Ending 0310
Download PDF • 21.13MB

Should you have questions about the market or just want to see how the weather is, get in touch with me. Enjoy your Sunday everyone.

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