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Maui Real Estate: Week Ending May 26th

Half the year going by is just a few days away. Who knew it would be such a challenging time for Maui's real estate market? I've experienced 9/11, the fall of the Japanese yen, the mortgage meltdown of 2009, and the COVID crisis from a few years ago. But this post fire market is something I've never experienced. With all of those other challenges, Maui's real estate market bounced back relatively quickly. Why? This challenge is being brought upon by people in positions of power telling the world that Hawaii doesn't want the middle class coming for a visit. At least on Maui.

This is how Maui's real estate market did for the past week:

_MRE Week Ending 05-26
Download PDF • 33.91MB

If you've been reading these newsletter, you might notice that May 1st is now the trigger date for many of the statistics. I did this because that is when Governor Green signed the law for individual counties to control their own destiny when it comes to short term rentals.

Should you have questions about a specific neighborhood, condominium complex or area of Maui, feel free to send an email or call. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and have a safe Memorial Day.

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