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South Maui Real Estate

The future of Maui real estate is uncertain, as the recovery process from the fires will take a long time and require a lot of resources. The demand for housing and commercial space is still high, but the supply is very limited and the prices are very high. Some residents may choose to sell their properties and leave Lahaina or Maui or even the state, while others may choose to stay and rebuild their homes and businesses. The county and state authorities are working to provide assistance and support to the fire victims, as well as to protect their rights and interests. The community is also showing resilience and solidarity, as many people have donated money, goods, and services to help their neighbors in need. Maui real estate is more than just a market; it is a reflection of the island’s culture, history, and identity.

South Maui appears to have some kind of normalcy, whatever that means. Since the fires 37 properties have gone under contract, 48 properties have sold and 31 properties came to market. 22 properties were cancelled but I don't know if that is because of the fires or because this is normally the slower time of year for our real estate market. That being said, here is what happened in the past week....

Maui Statistics September 3
Download PDF • 3.93MB

The following pdf contains the market summary that Coldwell Banker Island Properties releases every month.

August 2023 Maui Market Report
Download PDF • 3.33MB

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