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Maui Real Estate Statistics

First of all, it was great to see you Bob and Betty. Maricel and I had a fantastic time catching up. If you need updated pictures of your condo, just let us know. Also, Rick it was also great to hear your voice and Darcy's in the background. Rick and Bev, I look forward to catching up with you and the Stones the next time you're in town.

Now as for Maui's real estate for the past week. Sales continue to be strong as we get closer to Easter. Price reductions are happening in all facets of our market. It doesn't matter whether your property is a vacation rentable condo, a single family home or a residential condo. Prices need to drop if your property is not a cherry on top of the sundae kind of home. Especially if you really intend to sell it. If the property is priced correctly, the demand is high and your property will most likely sell ASAP. Evidence of that is in the number of properties that wend under contract within the past weeks. Rather than me telling you, check out this week's past activity....

52 single family homes are on the market in South Maui. List prices range from $799,000 to $33,900,000. Median list price is $2,870,000. 84 Condominiums are active on the market ranging in price from $499,000 to $17,500,000. Median price is $1,099,500. 18 parcels of land round out the South Maui market. Prices range from $975,000 to $18,500,000. Median price is $3,375,000.

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